Focused on Resolving Your Problem

A Fresh Approach

I mediate and arbitrate complex or contentious environmental matters, using my 40 years of experience as an environmental lawyer to help people reach resolution efficiently and effectively.

After years of being on the advocate’s side of the table, I believe that clients benefit most from a neutral who has substantive expertise, a party-focused approach honed by years in private practice, and a demeanor and style that diminish the stress points in a potentially contentious process. 


No Conflicts

I am fully retired from Sidley Austin. I have no financial interest in the firm or in the future fees paid by any of its clients, including those clients for whom I was the relationship partner or did work while in private practice.

What this means for you is that I have no conflicts to clear as an ethical matter on my part. I am, however, always willing to discuss my past work (subject to the need to preserve client confidences) so that you can make your own assessment about my ability to be impartial.


I set rates on a matter-by-matter basis. For environmental matters where I bring substantial expertise and experience, my rate is $5400 per 8-hour session day or longer. Partial days and pre- or post-session prep time are billed proportionately at $675/hour.

There are matters that justify a lower rate – e.g., where a government agency or non-profit is involved, or where the issues are interesting but the monetary stakes are low. I am happy to discuss a rate adjustment in such matters.


 Mediator & Arbitrator

Whether two parties need to mediate or arbitrate a contract dispute or civil enforcement matters, my background means you don’t have to waste time educating a neutral.


If you need to retain an independent monitor to report on compliance, the relationships I have developed through the years will assure both parties that they will get a monitor who is truly independent.


When the CERCLA case is settled and the lawyers are ready to move on, I serve as the site trustee to oversee the remediation contractor’s work and interact with the oversight agencies.

Case Evaluator

If you want your litigation strategy peer reviewed or need a neutral arbiter for your mock trial, I bring an impartial mind tempered by years of in-the-trenches experience.